Growing Free Food

Food prices are rising so fast! Since it is almost time to plant many seeds and starts for this year, let me explain how I’ll be doing it for free and how you might be able to also!

I love locally produced foods and my favorite place to buy it is at my local Farmers Market. Not only do I get local meats, cheeses, fresh breads and pastries and clams, but I can get seeds and food-bearing plant starts there as well!

Many farmers markets in Washington participate in the Market Match Program which (as of March 2022) is matching UP TO $40 per day!

Here’s how it works at Olympia Farmers Market:

* Take your EBT/SNAP card to the Farmers Market office

* Tell the cashier how much you want off of your card to spend at the market (as much as your card balance allows)

* Receive SNAP bucks from your card balance to spend on ANY food item at the market (where accepted)

* AND recieve MARKET MATCHING bucks to spend on fresh produce, and plants that you can use to grow FREE FOOD at your home this summer and fall!!

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