Maggie Slighte

Born Margaret Slighte, Maggie has lived many lives and gone by many names in over a half of a century on this planet.

Not shy about her age, because within a few years of her personal half century mark, Maggie was diagnosed with multiple discoveries that made her fifty years before come into focus.

As a curious child, Maggie (then Marty/Marti) danced and sang before she walked and talked, finding a rhythm to her life in the music both of her parents enjoyed. Having divorced when she was a small child, her parents didn’t agree on much besided their love for their children and a love for the music and singing that they instilled within both of their children.

Creativity and several special interests marked Maggie’s childhood and teenage life. Although Maggie loved writing poetry and essay assignments in school caused her more joy than pain (unlike her peers), making a living from writing wasn’t easily conceptualized by her neurodivergent brain that vacilated between being a compulsive rule follower, to rebelling against every demand.

She chose occupational routes that fulfilled special interests, but her body couldn’t endure them for long. Maggie loved working as a back office nurse, a phlebotomist and then as a computer programmer, but in 2005 she was forced into a medical retirement.

Unknown to Maggie, she had been born with several co-occuring conditions. Maggie has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a genetic connective tissue disease) as well as combined neurodivergency (ADHD/ASD), Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Through a life highlighted with multiple traumas, Maggie developed Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). 

Although Maggie knows she wasn’t the mom she wanted to be, she is taking the opportunity of her mental health treatment to try to become a much better grandma.

Maggie recently expanded her social media presence to include TikTok (@NeurodivergentGranny) and found that many of her followers were the same age as her teenage grandchildren. Maggie enjoys providing a safe place for others to process their trauma as she processes some of her own.

While in disability retirement, Maggie found herself without a home for seven and a half years. Maggie’s first book, The Car That Ran on Prayers, explores her final year homeless, living in a 1983 Volvo Sedan with two dogs as she traveled across the country to graduate from college and to watch her daughter become the first in their family with a college degree.

Maggie is queer and uses the pronouns she/her/they/them.

Maggie lives with her two dogs, Athena and Ruger Bear (who she has also written about!) in Olympia, Washington and uses a multitude of mobility aids and supports to help her in this world, including a powerchiar and caregivers.

Maggie is an open book. Most of what she is processing, she has written about. Maggie believes in helping others obtain the support they need to advocate for their own best healthcare.

If you don’t see something you are looking for here on her main blog, check out one of her other sites:

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Maggie’s first book, The Car That Ran on Prayers, is well on its way to being finished. To read the essay that started the journey to this book, check out this link: The Car That Runs on Prayers (Longform Essay).

Thank you for your interest in Maggie and her writing!

~Love and Lighte from Maggie Slighte~

All photography except where noted is by Maggie Slighte. (Another special interest of Maggie’s is photography)

Love and Lighte from Maggie Slighte!