Maggie’s Writing Projects

There are links at the bottom of the homepage to current posts on many of her sites, but for convenience sake, here is a list of the places you can currently find Maggie Slighte’s writing:

Odyssey: An Online Newsmagazine – Maggie’s new publishing venue! Keep an eye out for new articles posted weekly!

  The Car That Ran on Prayers – Maggie’s first book documenting her travels and life in a 1983 Volvo Sedan while on her way to graduation from Southern New Hampshire University


420-Friendly Recovery – A Grandma’s Journey to Healing


Sister Maggie, Previously “Slightely Mormon” – Maggie’s Spiritual Journey


My MEs – Maggie’s journey with Trauma Recovery and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Thank you in advance for checking them out!

Another book, Medical Marijuana for Mormons, is ALSO in the works! Much of the information that Maggie has shared on and GmaMaggic420 will be re-verified and other research will be forthcoming in the book!

May your days be full of Love and Lighte! From Maggie Slighte!