Who is Maggie Slighte?

Maggie Slighte was born and raised and raised 3 children in Western Washington. Her early adulthood was spent first in the medical field and then as a computer programmer. Her first brush with disability rendered her unable to work after her daughter was born in 1990. She is a survivor of multiple traumas, beginning in infancy and continuing throughout her life but she has not allowed them to deter her spirit.

When Maggie was given her first recommendation by a physician to begin using cannabis as a medicine in 2008 it allowed her to stop the 19 pills and one patch the physicians previously prescribed. Then she got out of the bed she had been living in for seven years and set about researching why and how it worked. Since 2010, Maggie has travelled and researched the herb extensively. She writes about her journeys and research at 420-Friendly Recovery.
Maggie surprised her friends and family in 2013 by following a still, small voice in her heart to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She began blogging her spiritual journey shortly before her Baptism at Sister Maggie which started out with a pun as Slightely Mormon where she loves to share her experiences with The Gospel and God.
For most of her life, Maggie has struggled with missing time and actions that traced back

Yes, I am -)

to her, but that she does not recall. In late 2015 she was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and is currently writing about the journey she is undergoing discovering more than 25 different personalities with very diverse interests and characteristics at My MEs. Her trials and successes with therapists and Cognitive Behavioral Training as well as her insights about the disorder are explored in detail on that blog in preparation for writing a book about her experiences.
Maggie finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Nonfiction writing at Southern New Hampshire University in August 2017 and is currently working on her Master of Arts at the same university. Her works in progress include: The Car That Ran on Prayers, Medical Marijuana for Mormons and Standing Up to Live.
When she isn’t writing or travelling, she enjoys researching her family tree, spending time with her grandchildren and her two dogs.

Maggie being grandma to her newest granddaughter, Jaina