Primal Scream

It was a snowy, sunny day,

The day Athena died

The power went out

The moment I walked back in the apartment-Alone.

When Ruger’s eyes met mine-

Mine filled with tears.

When his filled with confusion at me being alone,

My tears turned to flood.

Overcome by my own sadness,

I let out a scream from the tips of my toes.

One should never do that in an apartment.

My logical brain was missing.

One more cry, from the depths of my Irish ancestors.

I felt generations before me

Cry with me in grief

Over losing a child-

Or a partner

Or a parent

But a dog?

I fastened Ruger’s collar and leashed him for his first walk alone

Removing the joined leash

That previously connected to Athena.

A soft knock was heard.

We were already at the door

Preparing for our sunny, snowy, sad first walk alone.

It was the upstairs neighbor.

Primal Screams are not for apartments.

Reading the poem for TikTok
The morning of February 23rd

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