Make-up for Lost Time

You would not be able to tell from most of the videos over the past year-But makeup is one of my special interests.

Dogs prefer naked faces

I stopped wearing makeup while I was without a home. I kept black eyeliner with me for a few years, but by 2012, I wasn’t wearing makeup anymore.

When I first got my apartment, I was coping with my physical conditions deteriorating due to Levaquin exposure. I didn’t even try to pick up makeup to play with until 2020.

When I look at selfie photos of myself as far back as 2018, I see the cyst development in the lower lid of my right eye beginning to form.

From 2019 through 2022- I caught the cyst in many levels of development.

That little white dot under my right eye was a constant in my photos and videos

When I ignored it or decided to put makeup on top of it, the irritation caused me not to want to wear makeup at all.

So I produced a lot of videos without makeup and toothless.

Toward the end of the summer of 2022, I finally asked my doctor for help. An appointment was made for December 22nd.

The wait felt like forever, but I finally had the cyst excised.

The doctor cut it right out!

I was so disappointed when I saw the pathology report included several of my eyelashes.

My eyelashes are so tiny I didn’t have extra to lose!

It has now been four weeks since the surgery to remove the tiny white bump from my eyelid.

I’m excited to finally be healed from the surgery to start playing with makeup again!

I have a few exciting tips and tricks and new things I’ve learned from an expert I want to introduce all of my older zebra friends to!

So long, little bump!

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