Interviewed by Friends

When I made the difficult decision to leave the Mormon church, I knew there would be a few ripples from my social life. I expected to lose many if not most of my connections to my creative friends.

These last few years, in my attempts to live up to the expectations of being a member missionary, I had become quite entrenched in several Latter-day creators groups. One was writers, another was Podcasters.

I was surprised and delighted when they not only continue to accepted me, but wanted to hear my story and my reasons for choosing to leave.

My friends at wHoly Human who I interviewed with during the summer were more than happy to record a follow-up interview with me after I left church membership. Both were published in the last several weeks.

Then my friend Kate, who has taught me so much about themselves during our brief co-hosting gig with Strangers, invited me to tell my story to them and Colette at the Called to Queer podcast. That podcast published yesterday.

If you want to learn more about why I chose to convert to Mormonism at age 46, then out of the church this year, at age 55, I invite you to listen to these podcasts. You’ll hear, in my own words, what it was like for me being a queer Mormon and why that wasn’t working for my eternity.

I hope you have a wonderful week, full of love and lighte.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to see my latest vlog, you can enjoy it below!

From Called to Queer

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