Autism Awareness: Accepting a New Diagnosis

April is Autism Acceptance (and Awareness) month.

What better month to ask some questions of my therapist and get to the bottom of some questions I’ve had for a while?

About a year ago, I started researching neurodiversity in all its colors and flavors. I discovered many things.

Neurodiversity is categorized differently than a trauma or illness to the brain.

For instance, Dissociative Identity Disorder, associated with by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are both injuries, or changes to the brain AFTER birth.

Neurodivergence relates to how the brain was developed.

That was what I can reduce from what I could discern from months of research.

I had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder when I was a young parent, which is a neurodivergence, but recently, as I have learned more about autism spectrum disorder and how it presents differently in individualz assigned female at birth, I felt something more was there.

I began discussing many symptoms and questions with my therapist around this concept.

This month, I asked my psychologist to evaluate me for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This week, I received my official diagnosis.

I am neurodivergent: I am autistic and I have ADHD.

I also have complex PTSD, generalized anxiety and major depressive disorder.

Anyone want dressing with this salad of alphabet? Lol!


Now to process.

If you’d like to take a test that some psychologists use, to use to send the results to your clinician for further evaluation, click here.

Here’s my latest episode of Slightely Maggie, a podcast of self-advocacy, where I discuss this further.

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