A Decade with A Dog

I’ve written a little about my background with other dogs before mine, and then how Athena Brooke came to be at my side, so you may want to catch up before proceeding.

When I met Athena

If you do want to catch up,, here’s that story: A Woman’s Best Friends

Athena only days old

Today, April 1, 2021, marks Athena Brooke’s tenth birthday.

10. Ten!

Seems like yesterday

My dog, my first dog as an adult, is now a decade old.

She has survived me for a decade so far. Lol. I’m joking, but not really.

When she came home to me

Born on April 1, 2011, Athena has been my nearly constant companion since a few weeks after she was born.

She’s ridden a train

What is living with Athena like?

Well, she climbs UNDER the covers.

Morning stretches

Her coat is short and she loves when the sun comes out and she can bake in it.

Athena in her prime

She’s also been known to bake in fallen rays of a grow light.

Growing a dog…

She loves cannabis.

Under a friend’s plants

It keeps her hips limber. It keeps her body able.

Every now and again, when I forget she needs some too, she starts limping and letting me know she needs more mama treats.

Athena loves to play with Ruger Bear.

I often say if I hadn’t kept that one from her litter, she and I would both fade off into the sunset of life. But no, he keeps us both running.

…And her growling on the regular.

Beaches are their favorite places

I swear she looks up at me and asks when I’m going to give the last puppy away. After all, the other five left.

Every time she asks, I have to answer Ruger is here to stay.

It is getting to the point in Athena’s life that I’m caught pondering now and again, what Ruger and I will do when she is gone.

For one thing, we will both cry a lot.

Fortunately, Ruger is good at hugs and Athena is still going strong for now, in spite of a health challenge last year.

Today we will play it up big.

She’s already received a new Lammie toy and there’s a stuffed duck toy for after her “cake” of rice and turkey today.

She will get to run and play at a field with Ruger Bear and chase balls and sticks–her favorite past time.

I only hope and pray she can feel a bit of the love I have for her.

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