Screaming Secrets: An Original Poem

Screaming Secrets

The wronged shrieked

        from their fingertips,

            silenced no longer,

    Empowered by consent,

Enraged from words

            not welcomed to say,

                     stuffed inside,

eating the polite curtains

             away like acid

                      until the screams

                                 always silent

Screeched their way

              through the internet

                        in a digital riot

Igniting memories long hidden

               by children,

                        now grown,

                                living their lives,

               now spoiled by their eyes,

Reliving trauma best laid buried,

Dug up and splayed for all to read

 in the tears rolling down her face

                       as she read the words

                   illuminated in pixels…

Me too.

Words from her friends

   now fingernails ripping

     open wounds long scarred over.

Molten tributaries of recollections

         suppressed under mountains

                      of forced cheerfulness

heaving up many brinks of eruption.

Day to day,

               nine to five,

                            business as usual

                                    on the outside,

A mount of memories

         starts to grow and tremble,

               memories thought extinct

                       begin to boil and rise,

Her fingers trembling as a warning tremor. . .

The words typed by her thumbs on a keyboard with no buttons,

                she cries out loud

                              in a whimper

as tears distort the words on the screen. . .                                                                                                                  me too.


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