Slighte-ly Maggie: A Podcast From Me

Slighte-ly Maggie Podcast 1 Transcript

4:31 PM: Transcript

Doing this idea of the podcast… Slightely Maggie the podcast. What does that look like?

Slightely Maggie the advocate for herself. I’m not good at advocating for myself. I’m better at advocating for other people.

What I did notice today while I was in the virtual hearing the via phone was that I had the access to The voice record of the last hearing and I’m looking forward to the voice record of this hearing because it and you can tell I don’t have my teeth in right now. I’m not quite sure that I’m going to make sure that I have my teeth in it every podcast. So if that’s something that disturbs you let me know. I’m not sure about anything right now. I don’t know about this.

Whole podcast idea and yes, I’m already a host of a podcast. So you think that I be sure of this but I’m not this is an individual effort rather than a church effort and a much more sure of things that are church-related because if God tells me to do something God related than it’s absolutely I don’t have to question it. But if I have the impression that I’m supposed to do something me related. I always questioned it. Always question. What is that about? Why why don’t I have the wherewithal to have the self-esteem to understand that some things that that I’m valid been. My view points are valid, even if it doesn’t have to do with something that I’m reading out of the Gospels.

I’m 54 years old. You think that I would have been that somewhere along the line. I would have felt validated by now. Why why do I deal constantly with an imposter syndrome? Well, I think the answer right there is has to do with my mental illness. I have a mental illness that constantly. Only has me questioning my own mind dissociative identity disorder or previously known as multiple personality disorder is not compatible with having a good understanding of one’s place in this world because

Of the nature of the mental illness you your place in the world changes depending on which personality is fronting. I describe it as time sharing a body with hundreds of personalities. I don’t not I’m not in control necessarily of who is fronting and I say necessarily because there’s occasionally We’ve worked out a system where there’s a personality and it’s going to be fronting at a certain time. For instance. When I record strangers no more with my friends, Dennis and Andrew and Bradley for that podcast.

There is Sister Maggie. She is she’s a great personality. She’s fronting at a constant basis when we record. I’m not Sister Maggie. I am a person who is inhabiting the body of Maggie Slighte but I’m not going to give you my my name even though it’s me. It is me no. No, seriously. I am Maggie. I —

There are a lot of other names of others of the personalities that live in my body, that live in my brain and that’s sometimes difficult to convey to other people.

It’s at times difficult to explain and right now, nobody wants to “front” as we call it. So it’s nap time. I’m going to let this be the first podcast and let this be out there and let you enjoy.

Give me feedback if you want.

If not, I’ll see you on the other side. Maybe we’ll do this tomorrow. Maybe we’ll see you in a few days Love and Lighte from Maggie Slighte.

Peace out.

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