Writing About Cannabis on Odyssey

My articles on Odyssey in April had a theme.

I am now writing with SNHU Odyssey. I admit, in the past few weeks I may have been publishing with a theme in mind. In the last month I have been sharing articles about the overwhelmingly fraudulent CBD oil industry, the evolution of my chronic pain treatment, and what a fellow-traveler (and cannabis patient) has learned walking to Seattle from San Diego.

This first article I shared was inspired by logging on daily to outrageous CBD oil claims by people who don’t understand cannabis. I researched it well, including multiple hyperlinks for further information. Check it out here.

Then came “My War on Drugs,” an essay I’d been working on for months. In August of this year it will be a decade since I underwent the agonizing withdrawals from fentanyl and percocet, prescribed by my doctors for over seven years at that time. The story was divided into three parts per Odyssey’s format. Part One is here, then Part Two and finally the Conclusion. The stories are also hyperlinked within one another.

This month I also had the opportunity to interview Seth Cunnigan and write my first interview article. I couldn’t have picked a more interesting interview subject. 20 Things Learned Walking to Seattle from San Diego caught a lot of attention from many sources! Seth uses cannabis as his only form of pain control (besides walking) and has spoken at Seattle Hempfest where I plan to interview him again in August.

After sharing my interview with Seth, I continued my own story by sharing the recipe with which I replaced the damaging pain medication with. Here is that article.

All in all, I’d say this is an incredible April 20th, filled with many opportunities to share the independence that cannabis has provided for myself and others. Happy 420 indeed.

From a friend’s backyard, used for a headline photo for one of the pieces published for Odyssey this month

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