A Writing Odyssey

I’ve been in control of my writing, editing and publishing on three sites, including this one, for a few years now. First came 420FriendlyRecovery.com (formerly GmaMaggie420), then, in 2013 when I got in touch with my spiritual side, I started a blog about that called Slightely Mormon. I have since changed the name of that blog to respect the fact that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been instructed to no longer use the nickname Mormon, to SisterMaggie.com.

Then there is this blog. This is the blog where I talk to YOU, my readers. This is where I share what I am doing as a writer and those things that are happening in my life. Today I am sharing with you, my readers, that my writing is now appearing on a new platform: Odyssey!

I signed up to represent Southern New Hampshire University, the college I graduated from with my Bachelor of Arts as well as where I am currently attending as a Communications Major. This is an excellent opportunity for me to build my multimedia portfolio.

No, this isn’t JUST for writing. As you may have noticed from the photography that adorns this site: I LOVE taking pictures. I long to build my photography skills and portfolio alongside my writing. As they say, a picture says a thousand words.

My first article with Odyssey was published last week, 7 Tips for a Happier Life. I wanted to start off with an article that was applicable to anyone. This week I published two articles with them, one was a reprint of a blog post from last month, but the other was something different for me, it is a photo essay.

Part two of the photo essay, “From Sunset to Sunrise on the way to Graduation” will be published next week alongside three of my original poems. Yes, I’m excited. Building my portfolio of published works is an important part of my career. It is the next step.

If you would be interested in creating for SNHU Odyssey’s team, please use the contact button on this site to send me an email. I have an in and I can connect you!


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