Revisiting the Road

I have travelled across the country many times in the past seven years. When I left everything I knew on that binary moment, October 10, 2010, I had no idea what or who I would meet across the country.

When I started travelling in 2010, I had been a medical marijuana patient for a bit over 2 years. I was quite innocent about the ways of

(photo by Jacob Larsen)

the world and what life was across the country. I also knew myself a lot less than I do now. I had very little idea about my mental illness. I knew I had “moods” but not that I had over 25 fairly-easily-identifiable personalities. Neither did the poor friends who invited me to stay with them! But most rolled with the punches and were true friends, supporting me with love, hugs and tissues for my tears.

Back in 2010, I had not seen the country. I had no idea where I was heading. I prayed and trusted a Spirit I asked God to give me to impress upon me where to go and what to do. Seven years later, four years after my baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, even I marvel at the faith (or stupidity) that I displayed back then. I do remember stating to several friends who were worried about my safety that the worse that could happen (with the exception of being killed) had already happened in my own home, so why should I be anxious about the world? Anxious I was though.

As I displayed courage to those who followed me, pieces of my personality would cry and scream inside my head. My anxiety was just the beginning. I didn’t know what I was looking for, Then, in the kitchens and living rooms of Facebook friends across the country, I came face to face with the absolute mess that is inside my brain. To my utter and complete horror, other people began looking up to me. WHY??!??!!! What did I know, what was I doing that they would ADMIRE????!!!! My head screamed more. I got back down on my knees for answers.

wp-1485625907771.jpgSeven years later, I am here to say that I still don’t know WHY anyone would look up to me. I am learning what I need to do for my brain, and I am enjoying this current trip across the country as a writer with credentials for the first time in my life. I am a writer, an author as well as a blogger.

My work for Everything Medical Marijuana magazine is exciting! To have the opportunity to use the contacts I have spent the last seven years developing to educate the country about cannabis is the answer to many of my prayers. To be a Feature Writer for a national magazine while I have yet to finish my Bachelor’s in nonfiction writing is just a dream come true.

This current trip across the country began because I needed to attend a divorce hearing in Arizona, but it has continued across the country in a car that runs o

Me and Maria in 2011

n prayers. I am now in Florida to celebrate the life in print form of an incredible activist and my dear friend, Maria Mills Greenfield, who passed away in Florida the morning before I attended my divorce hearing in Arizona.

I will be remaining on the east coast as the magazine premiers in April as the first medical marijuana magazine to have nationwide newsstand distribution.

Excitement abounds in my life as I am travelling across the country with credentials for the first time in my life. I brought a dear friend who is a professional photographer along with me this time to help out with the two dogs and the driving (as well as photography!). Jacob Larsen has watched my progression since before I headed out on the road the first time and is  a perfect person to be my first formal assistant. Watch for his photos to be sprinkled here and there throughout this site during the next couple of months (those without his credits were taken as part of my addiction to my phone cam, no stock photography here!).

I hope your life is full of Love and Lighte. Take a chance, say a prayer, and do as you are impressed. It did WONDERS for my life.


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