One of the ways that people who follow my writing have recently enjoyed interacting with me is through video content. When my service dog, Athena, had a litter of pups, I found videos were an awesome device to share the joy I was experiencing with their puppy antics. Recently, when I started this current trip across the country, I found the temptation to “GO LIVE” from Facebook was a bit too tempting to pass up: So, I didn’t, I went LIVE!wp-1485624794821.jpg

Unfortunately, when I decided that I may like to add the live videos from Facebook and others to this page, I was left with a “must upgrade and spend more cash than you have, or fail” answer. I am not easily dissuaded, however, and THIS is a link to my YouTube channel where all of my videos will be REPOSTED. As with most of my information, if you follow me for very long you will discover: I am a Facebooker! So, follow my Maggie Slighte, author, Facebook page for LIVE video updates and news!

I’ll have some treats and freebies posted here as well, so please STAY TUNED!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope your day is full of Love and Lighte from Maggie Slighte!


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